What Type of Devices Support Carplay?

Apple Carplay

Carplay has been here for a while now, and many people have been enjoying it  and benefiting from all of the outstanding features it offers, but one thing that  stops some people from making the purchase, is not understanding what type of device Carplay actually supports.  

So basically, we are going to solve this problem for you and tell you all you need to know about this product before making your purchase. As one of our main priorities is for our consumers to be very well informed about the products we sell, so they are able to know what type of product is the one that fits them the most. 

Keep on reading this article so that you have the answers for everything that you are looking for, and so without further ado, let us get started. 

What Type of Devices Support Carplay? 

Carplay is available on all iPhone models starting with iPhone 5 and going  forward till iOS 7.1 or later. So, if you have an iPhone 5 or later, you can use  Carplay with your car.  

This means, Carplay only works for Apple products, and so if you are someone who already owns this sort of cellphone, you are good to go. If not, you might  want to consider Android Auto, it is a device that works for Huawei, by doing so, 

you are giving yourself options, so if you are a Huawei user and you have just  read this, stay relaxed because there is a solution for you, but for now, we will  keep explaining deeper about Apple Carplay specifically, as this is our main topic of this article.  

Considering you have an Apple phone, before making your Carplay purchase,  you would have to start thinking about what applications, features, and benefits are available on Carplay. This is what we will be exactly discussing in the upcoming paragraphs, starting with a mention of what Carplay Offer for  you.  

What are the applications and features available on  Carplay? 

Carplay provides a variety of applications and features that can be used while driving. Some of the features include: 

1- Phone calls 

2- Text messaging 

3- GPS navigation 

4- Audio or entertainment 

5- Calendar.  

Carplay also allows you to control vehicle-specific features such as: 

1- Climate controls 

2- Gas levels 

3- Radio.  

Messaging/ Voice over IP (VoIP) is also available, allowing you to listen to new messages and reply using dictation in an audio-only interface. Various apps are  compatible with Carplay and have many apps of Apple’s own such as: 

1- Maps 

2- Phone 

3- Messages 

4- Music  

Carplay apps are always designed in a way in which they are safe to be constantly used while driving. This is one of the main attentions anyone should be having,  of course, you would want to benefit from all of the available options of Carplay,  but you should also prioritize keeping your focus on the road for your own safety and to ensure the safety of others as well. By doing so we would be able to create a much healthier driving experience for everyone who is on the road. 

With this said, it is time we introduce the benefits that come with it,  which are optimized to be used on the road safely and safely.  

What are the Top Benefits of Installing Carplay? 

There are many benefits of installing Carplay in your car, we will be highlighting most of them to you as we know how important it is to know about the full benefits of a product before making the purchase. In the following paragraphs,  we will be stating some of our top benefits: 

  1. Safer & Distraction-Free Driving: 

Carplay is made in a way that helps you put all of your attention on driving and take advantage of voice communication so that use the features you want without having to take your eyes off the road. Instead of having to reach out to your phone and look down on it, or struggle to use it as it has a very small screen, Carplay removes the struggle of using your own phone on the road, this will also save you from a ticket.  

  1. Keep It Simple:  

Carplay allows you to connect your smartphone to your car and your apps will  show up on the screen. This replies to our previous paragraph, basically, all of the apps you are now enjoying on your phone are also to be used and enjoyed on your  Carplay screen, by simply connecting your phone, and of course, there are some third-party apps for you to enjoy from.  

  1. Easier & Smarter Experience:  

Carplay offers a car-optimized app experience: 

1- The convenience of Siri through your stereo 

2- The ability to set up reminders 

3- Built-in GPS navigation 

4- Voice-to-text 

5- Audio streaming  

  1. Better Entertainment Experience:  

Carplay allows you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks  while driving. To benefit from its convenience, the most, try parking on the side of the road, when you are waiting for the kids, or when picking up your wife from a meeting, and watch your favorite Netflix series or your favorite sports game. 

  1. Economic Update with High-Quality Wireless Carplay:  

Carplay safe way to use your iPhone when you are driving. This is Carplay’s  number one goal, to give you a safer driving experience, and they always put the effort into adjusting and optimizing this.  

In conclusion, getting an Apple Carplay is a must for everyone who spends a lot of time on the road and prioritizes their health. Check our website today and make your purchase now.