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Maserati QP 2008-2013 | Tesla-style Apple Carplay Screen
Regular price $2,090 Sale price $1,590

What do you need?

Have a car screen, but no Carplay or Android Auto on it?
Check the availableĀ Carplay Modules!Ā They will install Carplay and Android Auto on your car!

Have a car screen, but want a new and bigger one with Carplay installed?
Check the availableĀ Carplay Screens!Ā With them, you will have all your previous car features AND the new ones the Carplay screen offers you!


Influencers doing a video review of our Carplay module

Burning Rubber did a collab with us where they got one of our Carplay modules and installed it!
He loved it and did a full review on it!
Check it out!

Go to video

Don't find your car model?

Write us a quick message about which car you are searching for to install the Carplay Interface (several car models are not on the web, but on stock) and we will give you a personalized assistance!

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