How your old car can have Carplay & Android Auto too!

Example of an installed Carplay Module

If you’ve got a smartphone and you drive a car, what’s better than combining the two into a force for good? You'll want Apple Carplay if you have an IPhone or Android Auto if you have an Android driven phone (basically all other phones).

These two upgrades (Apple Carplay & Android Auto) are directly installed into brand new cars, and enable your car to be fully connected to your phone.

This gives you the option to control apps like Google Maps, Waze map app, Spotify, Youtube, Whatsapp, Messenger, Netflix, podcast apps and many more, directly from your car screen.

This is great if your car has Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

But if your ride is a few years old, it's likely your multimedia system does not include these upgrades. It is a pain to see that your car, eventhough just a few years old, is already lacking behind the newer cars.

And not just in a minor way: Being able to control Spotify & Google Maps on your car screen, with the opportunity to listen to incoming voice-notes from Whatsapp or Messenger directly on your cars' multimedia system is a major change in car-user experience! (and that is just an example)

Sure, you might have Bluetooth, but unless you can control all of your apps on your car screen, it's not the real thing. Or you might even have a car screen but without the Carplay upgrade - that's an "Almost, but no"!

If you’re about to update your car, then odds are that it’ll offer Apple Carplay & Android Auto. If, however, you’re keeping your car for another couple of years yet, there is a cheap way to get Apple Carplay & Android Auto on your car and enjoy the superior technologies on your own good-old car.

Add a Carplay Integration Interface

This is the moment where we talk about the Carplay Integration Interfaces and how they allow you to display Spotify, Whatsapp, Messenger, Google Maps or other apps on their car screen - just as if your car already had Carplay on it!

Businesses and manufacturers have started to offer these products: A small interface unit which merges with your cars audio and screen system, adding the much desired Apple Carplay & Android Auto features to your car!

After installing the interface (there are plenty of videos in Youtube about how to install these) you will be able to connect your phone to your car and display on your screen all the apps that modern cars are able to display: Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, Google Maps, Waze, Whatsapp, Messenger and many more!

If you are not buying a new car, but still want to enjoy all the superior technologies that are coming out, then a Carplay Integration Interface is your best choice!