How safe is it to acquire a Carplay Integration Module for my car?

Example of an installed Carplay Module

A lot of us love the idea of having Apple Carplay & Android Auto in our car. Being able to control Spotify and Google Maps directly on our car screen, listen to incoming voice-notes from Whatsapp or Messenger on our car speakers, watch Netflix or Youtube on the car screen while we are on a car jam... But how safe is it actually to acquire a Carplay Integration Module?

Will it work properly on my car? What if I have a problem a month after installing it? Is it to difficult for me to install it?

In the following 2 minutes we will cover these questions!

Do your Carplay Integration Modules include any kind of warranty?

Yes, they do. We have a huge confidence in the high quality of our modules. That's why all our modules include a 3-month-satisfaction warranty and a 1-year-product warranty.

If, during the first 3 months, for ANY reason, you are not happy or convinced about the module you acquired, you just have to send the product back and we will make you a full-refund - no questions asked!

If, during the first year, the module shows ANY kind of issues or problems, you will still have the opportunity to get a full refund, or get a new module for free.

Are your Carplay Integration Modules fast and reliable?

Yes, undoubtedly, they are. We are happy to say that we have an exclusiveness-contract with the most specialized manufacturer of Carplay Integration Modules on the planet.

Having its factory in Hong Kong, it provides our warehouses in Florida (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Madrid (Spain) with the best and most honest modules in the market. They are fast, reliable and merge perfectly with your cars' system.

Is there any module for MY car?

Currently, our modules cover 85% of all the car brands and its different models.

From elegant brands as Mercedes, Audi or BMW, to sporty brands as Infiniti, Lexus or Mazda, including big-car brands as Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep, and family cars as Nissan or Volkswagen.

If you can't find your specific car on our web, just reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for!

How difficult is it to install?

So we can all understand the difficulty: Just as beginning to build some Lego with your son or nephew, at the beginning you're not sure if it's even possible to do it, but once you take the instructions and follow them, you will be done in 30 minutes.

The same happens with installing a Carplay Integration Module. We provide physical instructions, as well as a step-by-step Installation-video. Plus, a private 24/7 customer support only focused on installation matters ( - we are with you during the whole process. So an easy and fast installation is guaranteed!