How can I use Apple Music on my Carplay?

Carplay Apple Music

While using Carplay, fun is never out! With its unlimited features, you can access multiple apps on your Iphone, so, why don’t you enjoy Apple Music?

Read along this blog article to explore and learn how to use Apple Music on your Carplay!

Is Apple Music compatible with my carplay?

Who doesn’t know Apple Music? It’s a music streaming service offered to you by Apple, where you can stream millions of songs. You’re allowed three months of free subscription before they ask you to pay. Apple Music stands in competition with Soptify and Youtube Music, however, its sound quality is still the best among users. 

That’s why it’s normal for any auto user to enjoy Apple music while driving! It’s just a more calming experience that way! And for that, our Carplay offers you Apple Music.In fact, our Carplay makes it easier for you to access Apple Music without any restriction! 

How can I use Apple Music on my Carplay?

After learning that we offer Apple Music on our Carplay, it’s time to learn how to use it! You can access Apple Music through converting the entire ACC train into MP3 format and storing it on a USB drive to plug into your car. But isn’t that time-consuming? You can’t even enjoy the new Apple Music features if you do so! 

That’s why you should follow our way: Connecting Apple Music Wirelessly by installing our Apple Carplay Modules

How can I connect Apple Music wirelessly on my Carplay?

New cars nowadays offer wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wifi. This allows you to connect our Carplay wirelessly to your car. But, make sure that your car is compatible to connect wirelessly before. 

After checking, follow the following procedure:

  1. Connect your Carplay wirelessly.
  2. Activate Siri on your Iphone.
  3. Connect your Iphone to the Carplay via Bluetooth or Wifi.
  4. Hold on Voice Command.
  5. Go to Settings- General- Carplay- Available Cars.
  6. Choose your car.
  7. Click on the Apple Music icon displayed on your Carplay.
  8. Enjoy your music! 

How can I connect Apple Music via USB string?

 You can also connect Apple music via USB string. 

To do so, follow this procedure:

  1. Connect your Carplay and activate Siri on your Iphone.
  2. Connect your Iphone via a Carplay USB string.
  3. Click on the Apple Music icon displayed on your Carplay.
  4. Enjoy nearly around 70 million songs on Apple Music!

Buy your own Carplay Module or Tesla-style Carplay Screens and start enjoying your music!