Does Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee have Apple Carplay?

Carplay module installed on Jeep Cherokee

Your iPhone works with Apple CarPlay to give you a smart way to use your iPhone in your vehicle. Use your iPhone to get directions with Waze, listen to your Spotify, make calls and send messages—all through the Uconnect touchscreen or with your voice through Siri, your iPhone’s digital assistant.

How to Enable CarPlay and Siri on iPhone

You must have iPhone 5 or newer device with iOS 7.1 or newer version to use Apple CarPlay on Jeep Cherokee. Before you begin, ensure CarPlay and Siri are enabled on your iPhone. Also, make sure that the “Press Home for Siri” option is enabled under “Siri & Search” in settings.

If you can’t see CarPlay or Siri & Search under your iPhone settings, then go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps, and make sure both CarPlay and Siri & Search are enabled.

How to Enable Carplay in Cherokee

You will have to enable CarPlay in your Cherokee’s infotainment system settings if you want it to launch automatically when you connect. To enable CarPlay, select Apps, then Projection Manager. Check the box next to Smartphone Device Mirroring.

Setting Up CarPlay in  your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Connect iPhone to Cherokee’s USB port

  • Plug your iPhone into your Jeep’s USB port and unlock the phone
  • Press the Apple CarPlay icon on your lower right hand side of the infotainment system. With this feature, you are able to keep your hands free from your phone
  • Once enabled, you will have access to all key features such as music, maps, and messages
  • On your Jeep touchscreen you choose to control features by voice command or by the touchscreen

If you’re unsure which USB port supports CarPlay on your particular Cherokee variant, then consult your vehicle’s owners manual – or you can try plugging in the cable, one by one, in all the USB ports in dashboard and center console.

Connect via Bluetooth

To activate CarPlay via Bluetooth, make sure the iPhone is in Bluetooth mode. Afterwards, launch the search via the screen of your Jeep, identify the Bluetooth of your phone and activate it. Don't forget to enter the security number on the phone and vehicle console. Finally, check that the Bluetooth icon is connected on your smartphone.

Once activated, CarPlay will automatically appear on the Jeep's screen.

CarPlay Not Working on Jeep Cherokee

If Apple CarPlay does not start on your Cherokee when you use one of the two connections and there is no CarPlay icon in the list of apps in the infotainment system, it can be due to a number of reasons:

  • CarPlay is disabled in your iPhone, go to ‘Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps’ and enable both CarPlay and Siri.
  • The Lightning-to-USB cable you’re using is defective. Try a different cable. We recommend using the original Apple cable.
  • The connected USB port on your Cherokee does not support CarPlay. Try other USB ports.
  • A software glitch is responsible for the CarPlay problem. Reset the Cherokee’s infotainment system to its factory settings.
  • You’ve an older model of Cherokee that does not support Apple CarPlay. Please send us a photo of your Jeep screen so we can confirm if its compatible with our Carplay module.

How to Use Siri on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Siri is Apple’s voice recognition feature that helps you to concentrate on the road while driving your Cherokee as you can control the functions of the iPhone with voice commands.

The virtual assistant allows you to place phone calls, listen to and send text messages, play music on your iPhone, get directions and use other functions of your iPhone hands-free. You can even ask Siri for current weather conditions, stock prices or upcoming events on your calendar.

To activate Siri, press and hold the talk button on the steering wheel until you hear the Siri tone.

If the Listen for “Hey Siri” function is enabled in your iPhone device under Siri & Search settings, you can also just simply say: “Hey Siri”. After hearing the audible alert, you can begin asking Siri for assistance.

How to Sort Apps in CarPlay

You can sort CarPlay apps in your Cherokee quickly and easily through your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings > General > CarPlay, then select your vehicle under “MY CARS”. On the next screen you can rearrange app icons by holding and dragging them. You can also hide icons by touching the minus button on them.


If the radio installed in your vehicle is not compatible with Apple's in-car system, choose the CarPlay Module for Jeep with Uconnect! It's a device that's quick and easy to install, knowing that it integrates perfectly into the car. All of our modules have a 2 year warranty as well as worldwide free shipping!