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First in Line + VIP Placement

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First in Line + VIP Placement

First in line - We usually have a 3-day manufacturing and processing turnaround time. With this addition, your order gets processed the next business day! We will also move your order to the top of the list for processing.

VIP Placement - Any installation support you need, will be prioritized and assisted within 8 hours!

Easy installation:

  • Plug N Play DIY installation.
  • [CarPlay Module] Integrates with your OEM Headunit & Screen
  • [Tesla-style CarPlay Screen] Replaces your Headunit perfectly and synchronizes with your car
  • Allows you to have the option to switch between OEM and Merge Screens!

Package includes:

  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Module
  • All harnesses and wires needed
  • Module creates a new Bluetooth connection (for CarPlay Module orders only, Tesla-style Screens are excluded)
  • Clear installation manual