64GB to 128GB Storage

64GB to 128GB Storage

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Maximize your device's potential with our 64GB to 128GB Storage Expansion Upgrade. Designed for users who need more space for their files, photos, videos, and applications, this upgrade seamlessly increases your device's storage capacity, ensuring you have ample room for all your digital content. Whether you're a professional needing extra space for large files, a photographer storing high-resolution images, or someone who enjoys having a vast media library at their fingertips, this upgrade provides the solution you need to expand your storage without compromising on performance.

Key Features

  • Doubled Storage Capacity: Upgrade from 64GB to a whopping 128GB, providing ample space for all your storage needs.

  • High-Speed Performance: Maintains high-speed access to your data, so you can store and retrieve files, photos, and videos quickly and efficiently.

  • Cost-Effective Upgrade: A smart and affordable way to increase your storage capacity without the need for purchasing external storage.


  • Enhanced Storage Flexibility: Never worry about running out of space again. Store thousands of high-resolution photos, hours of video, and extensive music collections with ease.

  • Improved Device Performance: By avoiding the pitfalls of a full storage drive, your device can maintain optimal performance, ensuring faster load times and smoother operation.

  • Extended Device Lifespan: Increase the usability and lifespan of your device by upgrading its storage capacity, making it a more sustainable choice.


The 64GB to 128GB Storage Expansion Upgrade is an essential solution for anyone looking to increase their device's storage capacity without the need to invest in a new device. Offering doubled storage space, high-speed performance, and seamless integration, it's the perfect way to ensure you have all the room you need for your digital life. Whether for personal use, professional work, or entertainment, this upgrade makes storage limitations a thing of the past.

Easy installation:

  • Plug N Play DIY installation.
  • [CarPlay Module] Integrates with your OEM Headunit & Screen
  • [Tesla-style CarPlay Screen] Replaces your Headunit perfectly and synchronizes with your car
  • Allows you to have the option to switch between OEM and Merge Screens!

Package includes:

  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Module
  • All harnesses and wires needed
  • Module creates a new Bluetooth connection (for CarPlay Module orders only, Tesla-style Screens are excluded)
  • Clear installation manual