Where can I get a good Carplay Module?

Example of an installed Carplay Module

In other articles, we have found out that we have the option to add Apple Carplay & Android Auto to our cars: through a Carplay Integration Module.

We have also seen how MergerCity, an online store solely dedicated to such products, offers several warranties to their customers (the 3-month-satisfaction warranty and the 1-year-product warranty) and different support services for the installation of the module: installation instructions, installation video and a private 24/7 customer support only focused on installation matters (support@mergescreens.com).

Now we want to address one last question...

Where can I get a good Carplay Intgeration Module?

This is a fair question. These products aren't sold everywhere, and most businesses that deal with them, sell them only at wholesale to car manufacturers and similar big businesses.
They just forget about the individuals.

That is the precise reason why MergerCity exists. We at MergerCity saw the demand of individual car-owners for these products and wanted to build a strong business that provides all the security and private individualism that a wholesale business can't provide for individuals. We had to experience the huge pain of trying to get a simple Carplay Integration Module for our own cars. Matter of fact, wholesalers are not fans of individual buyers and will pump up the price to over $2000...

MergerCity provides all that a wholesale business can't provide for us individuals:

  • 3-month-satisfaction warranty: You don't like the product for some reason? You get a full refund.
  • 1-year-product warranty: Any problem with the product during the first year? You get a full refund.
  • Personal VIP assistance for installation: You need help for and during your installation? We will be there with you until it works perfectly.

Additionally, MergerCity has currently a special discount code, which is available for the first 50 customers who use it.
If you input the code "CODE15" on the checkout page after choosing your product, you will receive an automatic 15% discount on your whole order - almost $100 discount!

Any further questions on the modules?

Please feel absolutely welcome to contact us on one of the live-chat options on the right-bottom corner of the screen (Messenger, Whatsapp, or Instagram), or through email using this link