How Can I use Carplay on my BMW Series 3?

Carplay BMW Series 3


Carplay can be installed and used on several car models, just like you can use it on the BMW Series 3 model! But first, you must learn how to install it perfectly. So, let’s read!

What are the BMW Series 3 special features?

Did you know that the BMW Series 3 is almost similar to a luxury car? This middle-class model can access several innovative technologies, and is very comfortable to drive!  Typically, it allows you to use Carplay on it. 

How can I install Carplay on my BMW Series 3? 

To access and use Carplay on your BMW Series 3, some requirements must be met.

First, check if your BMW is compatible with our BMW Carplay Module. Here, our Carplay works on any BMW car with a CCC system. You don’t have to use any adapter or other installments before starting to use Carplay,  it’s Plug & Play!

Take note that we send you a Carplay that is customized and designed for you. It also accounts for your chassis number.  

How can I start using Carplay on my BMW Series 3?

Carplay is a standard installment on your BMW. But you can update or buy it whenever it’s necessary. If you can’t access our Carplay in your BMW after buying it, you should contact us to send you an activation order. After activating, you’re free to set Carplay up and start enjoying it! 

But how can you set it? Read the following:

  1. Install the Carplay following our manual
  2. Activate Assistant on your smartphone.( Siri for Iphone and Google Assistant for Android)
  3. Link your smartphone to the car. 
  4. Follow the instruction given by the Configuration Wizard to finish setting it up.  

Note: You’ll be asked to pay a small amount of money before accessing Carplay. It’s very affordable and comes with amazing features!

What should I know basically?

So your BMW Series 3 can offer multiple perks, including Carplay! Carplay is a device that helps you keep your concentration while driving. How does it do that? Simply because you don’t have to check your smartphone every now and then, just open your Carplay and connect your phone!  Drive safe with Carplay!

Buy our Carplay Module for BMW Series 3 and enjoy all the benefits of Carplay and Android Auto!