How can I use Audible on my Carplay?

Audible Carplay

Our Carplay will ever cease to amaze you! We give you access to Audible, but let’s learn in this blog post how to use it!

What is Audible?

Audible is an app offered to you by Amazon. It grants you access to numerous Audiobooks. Maybe you don’t have time to sit and read, so you listen to Audible. You must subscribe to it before starting to enjoy its advantages. Audible supports many languages, like French and Spanish!

Download Audible on your smartphone, and access it using your Amazon account. If you don’t have an account, create one! After you’re in, choose any title you like, and listen!

How can I subscribe to Audible?

To any literature lover, Audible offers you amazing benefits! In the first month, you can listen to any audiobook for free! After that, you should pay 10€ on an audiobook you choose, and benefit from up to nearly 70% discount on the other audiobooks! You can subscribe and cancel at any time for free, and you’ll always be able to enjoy your audiobooks in your library.

What can I do with Audible on my Carplay?

After subscribing to Audible, you have the choice to listen to your audiobooks on our Carplay. Reading has never been easier! You can access more than 5 million books written in French. There are also English, Spanish, and Latin books. Adjust and Adapt your hearing quality using our Carplay console. You’re allowed to tune the audibility and oral tone of the reading!  

How can I install Audible on my Carplay?

If you have one of Merge Screens Apple Carplay Modules or one of Merge Screens Tesla-style Carplay Screens, the process is very easy! To start using and enjoying Audible features on your Carplay, follow this procedure:

  1. Connect your iPhone via USB to your car. Some cars may only accept the Carplay USB string, so pay attention to use which.
  2. Click and launch your Carplay app on your smartphone. The Carplay features must be displayed on your screen. 
  3. Swipe your screen and search  for the Audible app. 
  4. Press the app to start enjoying listening! 

You can also enjoy Audible through installing it wirelessly. Either way, enjoy your audiobook!