Best Aftermarket Head Units with Apple Carplay for iPhone

Apple Carplay

The need for seamless connectivity between our mobile devices and our vehicles has considerably increased as smartphones continue to rule our daily lives. As a top infotainment system, Apple Carplay gives iPhone owners a simple and convenient way to access their preferred applications, music, messages, and more while driving. We will discuss the finest aftermarket head units for iPhone that support Apple Carplay, giving you a list of excellent choices to improve your in-car entertainment experience. Along with that, we will introduce Merge Screens as a reputable supplier of Apple Carplay solutions and showcase the Audi A3 2012-2018 Android Auto & Apple Carplay Module as a superb offering for Audi owners wanting improved connectivity.

Best Aftermarket Head Units

-The Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX is a feature-rich aftermarket head unit that has wireless Apple Carplay compatibility and a 6.94-inch touchscreen display. You can effortlessly access your iPhone's apps, music, and messages without the fuss of cords thanks to its user-friendly interface. The device is adaptable for both iPhone and Android users because it also supports Android Auto.

-Alpine iLX-107: The Alpine iLX-107 is well-known for its wireless Apple Carplay capability, enabling you to easily connect your iPhone to the head unit without the use of cables. The device has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display and provides excellent sound. It is a top option for a smooth and hands-free driving experience because to its user-friendly UI and practical voice control features.

-Kenwood Excelon DMX905S: Another top-notch aftermarket head unit that works with wireless Apple Carplay is the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S. It has a capacitive touchscreen with a huge 6.95-inch display and a ton of customizing options. You may have a customized and immersive in-car entertainment experience thanks to its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and customizable audio settings.

-Sony XAV-AX5000: This highly praised head unit is distinguished by its 6.95-inch touchscreen display, which is clear and colorful. The seamless and dependable connection to your iPhone is made possible by the support for wired Apple Carplay. Along with sophisticated sound tuning possibilities, the device has features including built-in Bluetooth, multiple USB ports, and an intuitive interface.

-JVC KW-M950BW: The 10.1-inch floating capacitive touchscreen display of the JVC KW-M950BW makes it a standout aftermarket head unit. Both wired and wireless Apple Carplay are supported, giving flexibility for various tastes. This head unit offers a visually engaging and acoustically entrancing experience thanks to its high-resolution display and sophisticated audio functions.

Pointers And Strategies To Make The Most Of Apple Carplay

-Create a Custom Carplay Layout: Utilize the option to reorder and edit your Carplay icons. Simply choose your preferred layout by selecting "General," "Carplay" from the Settings menu on your iPhone. You can prioritize your most used apps this way so that they are easier to reach on your Carplay screen.

-Use Siri for Hands-Free Control: By integrating Carplay with Siri, you can use voice commands to make calls, send messages, set reminders, and even control your smart home gadgets. You can use Siri's features without taking your hands off the wheel by simply pushing and holding the voice control button on your steering wheel or tapping the Siri icon on your Carplay screen.

-Examine Additional Carplay Apps: There are many third-party apps that are Carplay compatible in addition to the variety of built-in apps that Apple offers for Carplay. These apps enhance your Carplay experience and provide more options for navigation and entertainment, ranging from music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora to navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps.

-Use Apple Maps to your advantage. Apple Maps has advanced considerably and now provides a reliable navigating experience on Carplay. Apple Maps may serve as your go-to navigational ally with real-time traffic updates, proactive suggestions, and thorough turn-by-turn directions. For a seamless transition, use the search function, remember favorite destinations, and even send directions from your iPhone to your Carplay display.

-Maintain Your Software: Apple constantly releases software upgrades for Carplay modules that include new capabilities, repair bugs, and enhance existing functionality. For access to the most recent enhancements and features, it iscritical to keep your iPhone and Carplay system updated.

Enhancing Your Infotainment Experience Using Merge Screens

A reputable supplier of high-end Apple Carplay solutions, Merge Screens provides a variety of modules and screens to improve your in-car communication. The Audi A3 2012-2018 Android Auto & Apple Carplay Module is one outstanding product. With this module, you can effortlessly include Apple Carplay and Android Auto into the infotainment system of your Audi A3 vehicles made between 2012 and 2018.

You can use your favorite apps, make hands-free calls, use navigation systems, and stream music directly from your iPhone with the Merge Screens Audi A3 Android Auto & Apple Carplay Module. The module is built to effortlessly integrate with the existing display on your Audi, maintaining factory functions and controls while boosting your connectivity possibilities. Owners of Audi A3s may enjoy a seamless and dependable Carplay experience thanks to the module's easy installation and assurance of performance.

Your driving experience will be improved by Merge Screens' high-quality Apple Carplay solutions. They guarantee compatibility, functionality, and easy integration with the existing system in your car thanks to their wide range of products and experience. Merge Screens has you covered whether you want to improve your Audi A3 or look into Apple Carplay choices for other car models.

Final Words

 Apple Carplay has completely changed how we use our iPhones while driving. The best aftermarket head units with Apple Carplay enable you to fully utilize your iPhone and effortlessly integrate it with the infotainment system in your car. As a reputable supplier of Apple Carplay solutions, Merge Screens provides a variety of displays and modules for different car models, including the Audi A3 2012-2018 Android Auto & Apple Carplay Module. With Merge Screens, you can improve your in-car entertainment system and make use of Apple Carplay's advantages. With seamless connectivity, cutting-edge capabilities, and improved convenience, you may boost your driving experience by selecting the head unit that best meets your needs.